Around Home

We live in Southern California about a block away from the beach. We love the beach--not because we surf, or dive, or collect shells, nor are we sailors. We love it for the atmosphere and ambiance. When it's chilly and misty and cloudy, and the fog horns are echoing their low pitched warnings from the distant pier and reefs, we love it. When it's warm and sunny, and tourists and easterly intruders are swarming our sands, we love it. When it's stormy, windy, and forboding, and the sand pelts the windows, we love it...sort of.

Irmgard and Avery in the backyard

Avery's first waves

Slips in the harbor about 1 mile from our house

Oliver B. Williams in study

Irmgard and Avery solve a puzzle

Avery and Irmgard coloring Easter eggs

Irmgard and Avery on the beach path

An overcast beach day-the powerplant is in the background

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