Austria - Summer, 2005

We look forward to the Braunauer Stadtfest every year

Rain cleared-waiting for night=drinking customers!

Avery is very enthused about the ride...

...but something tells me the ride operator has lost her enthusiasm

Avery grabs a final Stadtfest ride

Avery lights a candle in memory of her grandfather, Dr. Otmar Heissl

A view of the medival tower overlooking Braunau Stadtplatz

Avery enjoying delicious and classy ice cream at the Italian Eiscafe

Looking over the popular weekly Bauer Markt (Farmer's Market)

My favorite dish starts with the yellow fungus, Eierschwammerl

The renovated medival historic bathhouse is our neighbor

An underground tunnel of the bathhouse

A view of historic Burghausen

A closer view of the Burghausen castle

The torture tower-a 'must see' at any medival castle in Austria

The castle grounds

Irmgard, Hilde, Avery, and Oliver on the Burghausen castle grounds

Irmgard and Avery in front of an ancient wall

Avery and Hilde sit on stone cannon balls

The town below from the medival castle perched above

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