Austria - Summer, 2007

Our annual sojourn to Austria was special this summer. Irmgard and I were joined by three of our four children: Oliver III, Adrian, and Avery. Unfortunately, Christopher was not able to make the trip. He graduated from UCB in May, and his newly acquired job prevented him from joining us.

An ecstatic Avery hanging from Oma's clothesline...

...and from Oma's back!

Avery's summer bunnies...the word 'stew' was banished.

Irmgard and Avery arrived in the economy section.

Some people collect stamps...some coins. These people collect dwarves.

A group of dwarves posed for us.

The only thing she's missing is the white moustache.

Each cow takes a silent moment, thankful they are milk cows.

We hiked along this beautiful brook to collect natural well water.

A placard encouraging pilgrims to donate...or drink Perrier instead.

Avery on the Inn River during a boat excursion from Schärding.

River bend and churning water from the bow

Avery and Hilde Heissl in Schärding, Austria.

I must have said something funny.

The Oberndorf chapel where 'Silent Night, Holy Night' was written in 1818.

Inside the chapel: Deutsch confirms authenticity.

Bridge spanning the Inn River connecting Oberndorf and Laufen.

Irmgard recoils from this fountain, wishing to return to the natural well above.

A tourist information plaque telling you where to go.

A sign in a Laufen intersection telling drivers where to go.

Town center--Stadtplatz--in historic Braunau, Austria.

Our favorite coffee house in Braunau: Knollmayr

The bridge over the Inn River, leaving Braunau for Simbach.

Our favorite coffee house in Simbach: Flavour

Our family: waiting in Bergheim for the train to Salzburg.

Roaming around Mirabellgarten, Salzburg, Austria

Walking in flank after arriving in Salzburg

From the top of the photo: the "Sound of Music" castle, Salzburg's famous cathedral (Dom), and the fountain in Mirabellgarten.

View of Salzburg from along the River Salzach.

If nobody says anything, maybe she won't notice.

Hilde cutting Avery's Wienerschnitzel (the real deal...not a hotdog)

Avery holds a coaster for Schnaitl dark beer...gladly not a mug.

A beverage menu for Braunau Stadtfest

Irmgard and Avery enjoy a quiet moment inside a 'beer tent' at Braunau Stadtfest.

The food, especially the sausages, are indescribable.

Avery tries her hand at bungee jumping.

This stand offered a kaleidoscope of candy.

Adrian reflects on the trip...and the meaning of life.

This medieval stone mason truly put his 'all' into his work.

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